Sabrina Romano

Congratulations Sabrina Romano on joining GradFin! Sabrina is one of GradFin’s latest hires, and we are very excited to have her with us. To learn a little bit more about Sabrina and the ways in which she will be an asset to the company, we sat down for a short Q&A.

Q: Where did you attend school and what did you study?

A: I went to Penn State and studied Hospitality Management.

Q: What were you doing before GradFin?

A: I was working in the hotel Industry as a Director of Revenue Management.

Q: What drew you to GradFin? What is it about this position that excites you?

A: I was drawn to GradFin as I wanted a new challenge in my life after leaving the hospitality industry. I saw the job posting and after researching the company, I felt like our values aligned. I’m excited to gain new insight into student loans and skillsets.

Q: What experiences are you bringing to your new role and how can this help a GradFin

A: Customer service is something that I am bringing into my role. In my past experiences, I have learned to anticipate someone’s needs, and when to go above and beyond for them. Having that experience, I will help clients have pleasant and seamless experiences from the very beginning.

Q: Why are you passionate about helping people manage their student loans?

A: I’m passionate about helping people gain financial freedom and not be burden with their student loan debt.

Q: What have you learned from your experience so far with GradFin?

A: Every day is different, and you get to meet all people from different walks of life.