GradFin Welcomes Michael Makar to the GradFin Team!

Michael Makar

Congratulations Michael Makar on joining GradFin as a Student Loan Consultant! Michael is one of GradFin’s latest hires, and we are very excited to have him with us. To learn a little bit more about Michael and the ways in which he will be an asset to the company, we sat down for a short Q&A.

Q: Where did you attend school and what did you study?

A: I attended Duquesne University to study Economics, and spent plenty of time acting & directing in the theater as well.

Q: What were you doing before GradFin?

A: I managed an escape room, Breakout Games, for around three years.

Q: What drew you to GradFin? What is it about this position that excites you?

A: The culture and intention of GradFin drew me in. I’m excited by the chance to help people reach their goals, and by the energetic, supportive atmosphere.

Q: What experiences are you bringing to your new role and how can this help a GradFin

A: My experience managing at Breakout taught me that no two problems are the same. The best solutions are collaborative and customized. Every client has a unique situation, and I am suited to help them find their best options.

Q: Why are you passionate about helping people manage their student loans?

A: I am passionate about using my enthusiasm and positivity to benefit others. Loans can be a dark cloud hanging over the future; if my skills and personality can help people create a path towards their goals, I’ll feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Q: What have you learned from your experience so far with GradFin?

A: How valuable our time is. We run a tight schedule, which necessitates efficiency. I’ve learned that the calendar commands respect; no one is here to waste time, whether client or colleague. To be successful I have to be concise, effective, and considerate.