GradFin Welcomes Alyssa Lima to the Consult Team!

Alyssa Lima

Congratulations to Alyssa Lima on starting her new role with GradFin as a Student Loan Consultant! Alyssa is GradFin’s latest hire, and we are very excited to have her with us. To learn a little bit more about Alyssa and the ways in which she will be an asset to the company, we sat down for a short Q&A.

Q: Where did you attend school and what did you study?

A: Salem State University – BS in Criminal Justice.

Q: What were you doing before GradFin?

A: Before GradFin I spent a few years as a Campus Police Officer at a local college. When I decided to transition out of law enforcement, I accepted a position as a Relationship Manager with Bank of America. There I discovered my passion for helping clients with their overall financial needs.

Q: What drew you to GradFin? What is it about this position that excites you?

A: When I came across GradFin I was extremely impressed with how they operate as a company. Not only does GradFin assist with student loans, but there are a number of other services offered as well. Because student loans are so complex, sometimes you need to look at other aspects of your finances to make an informed decision. I admire that GradFin gives students free access to a consultant to help them understand their student loans, while also giving them the opportunity to discuss other aspects of their financial history to ensure they are on track for success. I am very excited to be able to give that personalized approach to all of the student loan borrowers I work with!

Q: What experiences are you bringing to your new role and how can this help a GradFin

A: My background in both public service and finance allows me to have a unique perspective on some of the issues student loan borrowers may be dealing with. Public Service Loan Forgiveness in particular is tedious, time consuming, and often requires investigation. I am looking forward to being able to use some of the skills I learned during my time in law enforcement to analyze a borrower’s history and make sure they are receiving credit for all of their time in the public sector.

Q: Why are you passionate about helping people manage their student loans?

A: As a first generation college student, I remember the fear and frustration that came with managing my student loan debt. I am very passionate about what I do because I have been in the same shoes as many of the clients we service. I love that I am able to walk someone through their student loan debt and alleviate some of that fear and frustration.

Q: What have you learned from your experience so far with GradFin?

A: That this team truly cares about their clients. Everyone takes the time to educate their clients on what is best for them.