Thank you for signing up for the PSLF Membership with GradFin

The mission of our PSLF membership program is to make sure you are in compliance with the complex PSLF laws. We will work with you to make sure you are complying with the payment and employment eligibility requirements of the PSLF laws.

To ensure a successful membership, please submit the action items below if you have not yet done so. The requested forms will aid in preparation for our initial meeting and help the onboarding process. Please complete the following action items listed below. Reach out to with any questions or concerns

Student Aid File

To download your student aid file, please log in to After you log in, please hover the mouse over your name and click on the “My Aid” tab. Then click on the “Download My Aid” data. This data is helpful for us to review each loan type eligible for PSLF.

Please upload your Student Aid File to this link: Here

PSLF Help Tool

To start your PSLF Help Tool process, please log in to After you log in, scroll down, click continue and follow the steps to add each employment. When filling out your employment history make sure you add your EIN, the start and end date before clicking search. Please have your W2 near you for your EIN. Click here for a  Video Tutorial. Once completed, please send your completed PDF employment history to us with your HR contact. We are looking specifically for the following items:

-The HR Contact’s Name


-Phone Number


Please note, once we receive your Help Tool PDF and HR information. We will send out your ECF to you and your employer via DocuSign. To expedite the process, please let your HR contact know to look for a DocuSign or PDF from us.

Student Loan Payment History (If applicable)

To download your student loan payment history, you need to go to your servicers account and download each payment made by month. If you paid your loans with more than one servicer, you can go to any of these accounts (or call them to ask for your payment history).

Please upload your payment history to this link: Here

FedLoan Payment History Instructions

Sign in to account. On the left hand, click The Payment & Billing button, and click “View Payment History”, Under Transaction, make sure it’s filtered under All Loan Type, and timeframe is set to all. Click submit!

FedLoan Qualifying Payment Update (If applicable)

Many of you might already have payments that are eligible and have been certified by FedLoan Servicing. If you have a FedLoan Servicing Qualifying Payment Update, which contains a qualifying payment count for each of your employment periods, this is helpful for us for the call as well.

We look forward to assisting you with your PSLF Compliance Plan.