Refinancing your automobile loan can significantly reduce your interest rate and monthly car payment.

It’s not just your student loans that GradFin can help save you money. GradFin now has access to top automobile refinancing banks across the nation.  Set up a time with a GradFin loan expert to walk through your options.  Click the link below to schedule a 15-minute appointment.


Low Rates, Monthly Savings, and Flexible Terms

GradFin works with multiple banks to find the lowest rates in the industry.  Reducing your interest rates on your car loan can result in significant savings opportunities.  There are several terms offered including 3, 4, 5, and 6-year fixed-rate terms.

Quick Rate Check

The pre-approval process is quick and easy. Finding your new rate does not require a hard credit pull and only takes a few minutes. We will walk you through the online application process in order to help you understand your options.

Cost Comparisons

GradFin takes the time to compare your current loan with a new loan and provides a clear understanding of your cost savings so you can make a clear decision.  Just like in our student loan consultations, GradFin helps borrowers weigh their options through a cost comparison report.