Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Employers can now make student loan contributions up to $5,250 tax free per employee which will enable companies to contribute directly to employee student loans helping employees become debt-free faster. GradFin administers a seamless Student Loan Repayment Assistance program through our technology platform which offers a turn-key employer contribution system that is accurate, automated, secure, and payroll-ready.

Let us help your employees navigate the perfect repayment plan so they can start saving for the future.

GradFin builds and manages benefit programs that address your employees’ student debt.


Financial Education

GradFin provides employees with access to our student loan consultants to help employees navigate the perfect student loan repayment plan. GradFin provides each company with a microsite containing resources for employees to better understand their options.

Individualized Plans

GradFin identifies individualized plans for each employee, including forgiveness and private refinancing options. GradFin’s student loan consultants work with each employee individually to understand the best options on their federal and private student loans.

Employer Contributions

GradFin provides employers with resources to set up customized student loan repayment programs, such as employer contributions and other personalized plans. Boost your company’s benefit programs by adding a student loan repayment program.